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News & updates


Bunga Consulting is delighted to announce that we have signed VAR contract with Virserc Systems. Virsec is one of the leading cyber security solution providers in the world. 


Bunga Consulting is proudly sponsoring 2021 badminton championship for Indians in Tokyo in March 2021.


Bunga Consulting is recruiting for a senior sales director position for Tokyo location. Ref. to CAREERS page for details.


Bunga Consulting is recruiting for several mid-level career positions across the industries. Ref. to CAREERS page for details.


BungaConsulting K.K. is in discussions to partner with few other consulting giants and educational institutes in Japan to provide them our services.


BungaConsulting K.K. has been incorporated and ready to do business with you. Please visit our website ( for more information on our service offerings and contact information. 

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