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Bunga Consulting is a leading IT solutions  provider specializing in IT Strategy, IT Consulting & Outsourcing space. With a proven track record, we offer cost-effective top-tier IT services that include strategy, system development, support, and outsourcing of your IT needs. With many years of experience in IT consulting & outsourcing, we have become a trusted partner in helping our clients harness the power of technology with expert guidance and tailored IT strategies and solutions for innovation and competitive advantage. 

Partner with us to embark on a transformative journey, leveraging cutting-edge technology for sustainable growth and success in today's dynamic business landscape. Contact us to learn more.      




About Us

Bunga Consulting K.K is a next generation IT Consulting & Outsourcing company that provides a wide range of sustainable and innovative solutions to the Businesses in Japan, USA, UK, and in India. Inspired by the success of the first Startup company (Bunga Consultancy Services Limited) in the UK, and (Bunga Consulting Pvt. Ltd.) in India, we established Bunga Consulting K.K., in Japan.


Since its inception as a startup company in the UK, Bunga Consulting has been keen on growing business not only in the UK, but also in Japan. India, and in the US. With the founders' many years of experience and deep understanding of Japan market and Japanese culture, BUNGAis striving for growth by providing specialized IT consulting and innovative consulting solutions to complex business problems.

Our extensive expertise in the Japanese IT market spans across a broad spectrum, particularly excelling in the following domains.

  • ​Cloud Strategy & Consulting

  • Digital Transformation Strategy & Consulting

  • Data Analytics & BI

  • System Design, Development, & Testing

  • ​IT Outsourcing & Managed Services

  • ​IT Reselling Partnerships (VAR)

Our  Mission

"To partner with clients to help achieve their goals through effective and sustainable solutions"

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